Bold. Flavorful. Bite-sized. Our fifteen signature Small Plates are a curated combination of meat, cheese, crackers, crisps and nuts. So bite in and snack away.

All Natural* Uncured Pepperoni with Natural* White Cheddar Cheese.

A perfectly crafted Italian classic, paired with rich natural cheddar cheese and crisp toasted rounds.

*Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.

*No nitrates or nitrites except for those naturally occurring in celery powder and sea salt.

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Italian Dry Salame with Natural Gouda Cheese

Slow cured spiced salame partnered with smooth Gouda and crisp toasted rounds.

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Wine-Infused Salame with Natural White Cheddar Cheese

A savory, robust salame infused with rich white wine, paired with sharp white cheddar and crunchy toasted rounds.

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Genoa Salame with natural white cheddar cheese

Mildly spiced salame meets natural cheddar meets sea salt toasted rounds. A tasty snack that stacks.

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Hot Calabrese Salame with Natural Gouda Cheese

A hot salame with just enough spice to perfectly complement creamy Gouda cheese and crunchy toasted rounds for true snack satisfaction.

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An Italian staple, this savory thin-sliced prosciutto snack is every bit delicious and thoughtfully paired with a creamy sharp cheddar and sea salt toasted rounds.

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Apple Chardonnay Cuts

Tastes of the orchard, and the vineyard, with apple and chardonnay seasoned pork cuts and Gouda cheese.

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Whiskey & Brown Sugar Cuts

Help yourself to another round of Whiskey & Brown Sugar pork cuts with Monterey Jack Cheese.

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Smoky Bourbon Cuts

A hint of smoky bourbon completes this combination of tender beef cuts and creamy Asiago cheese.

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