Italian Dry Salame Small Plate| Hillshire Snacking®

Journey to the Hills of Italy with Italian Dry Salame.           

Let bold, Italian spices take you away. Dried salame balances perfectly with creamy, natural cheese. With the light crunch of toasted rounds, this snack is pure perfection.


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You don't have to travel overseas for a little Tuscan Flair.

Tender, natural chicken breast complements creamy monterey jack cheese. Amaretto flavored chocolate almonds, and rosemary & olive oil cracker crisps make for a perfect flavor pairing. 


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Savory meets sweet with Apple Chardonnay Small Plates.

Rich and creamy gouda cheese is the perfect complement to tender, apple and chardonnay-flavored pork cuts. 


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Explore endless                 flavor combinations.                

Satisfy your culinary wanderlust with these bold, perfectly curated snacks. Every bite is an adventure. 



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