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Hillshire Snacking Presents Tune of Tuscany

The Fiery Italian Inspired by Hot Calabrese Salame Small Plates

Bold. Fiery. Dazzling for the eyes and taste buds alike. Hillshire Snacking Small Plates are a hard act to follow but this fire dancer does the trick.

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Tune of Tuscany Inspired by Wine-Infused Salame Small Plates

Infused with rich notes with a delicate finish, this performance pairs perfectly with savory Italian Small Plates.

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Koi Out of Water Inspired by Grilled Chicken Bites With Teriyaki

First a bite of teriyaki, then an origami encore. Our paper artist is a master of his craft and a connoisseur of sweet and savory snacks. 

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The Full Cast of Flavors

Sweet. Spicy. Tangy. Hillshire Snacking Small Plates and Grilled Chicken Bites are an elevated snacking experience in every bite.

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